Our Mission

Find the most rapid way to detect microbial contamination in the most complex therapeutic compositions.

Our technology harnesses biology, creating a powerful and sensitive analytical tool. We are working to improve microbial detection by utilising cutting edge technology and next-gen science approaches to save lives.
Our task is to make rapid testing accessible and transparent to people. We help to obtain information about what is happening in their life saving product and detect contamination at an early stage.

biotactical core technology

Our kits are developed for direct inoculation and filtration to provide minimal complexity during onboarding of the biotactical new rapid testing method.

For direct inoculation & filtration

FDA Approved method for RMM

Our core technology is an FDA approved method to detect microbial contamination. It will also be our core technology for use in our AMR Diagnostic solution. 

For more details please contact us directly. 

Analytical instrument

High-Sensitive analytical instrument

Our instrument is specifically developed and manufactured for our assay kit and is modular in use for vaccine and cell & gene therapy testing.

Our analytical device is developed with 21 CFR part 11 compliant software and is FDA 510(k) ready.


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